One Last Time

My last month in San Francisco I had imagined would be spend hanging out with my favorite people, breathing in the atmosphere at my favorite San Francisco spots, lingering in the last precious moments, appreciating all the little things that are special to San Francisco. Instead I have been staggering around at home with a baby in my arms – dizzy from sleep deprivation and super stressed about the amount of tasks related to our move – or on the go driving the kids to or from somewhere. My brain has been as foggy as the San Francisco summer. There’s so much I should be doing such as writing my resume, working on this big well-paid freelance assignment or organizing the stuff we should get rid off before movers invade our house in eleven days. Eleven days! But our 10-month baby is all over the place and getting hurt the second I look away, so one little activity will take me a day to complete.

Last night I finally enjoyed precious “last moments”. I left the baby and the rest of the family at home and ventured to my favorite restaurant Fresca in Noe with one of my favorite people. On the street I ran into friends, which I always do when I’m out and about. San Francisco is so big but yet surprisingly small because people hang out in the same neighborhoods. At Fresca we sat down at the bar eating amazing flavorful Peruvian ceviche and talking, while everybody else in the restaurant was watching and yelling at the Warriors basketball game on display. San Franciscans love their teams! Then I ubered home, carpooling with a weird, silent, creepy dude but with a very nice talkative driver. “So Francisco”, everybody ubers around the city (to avoid parking and to drink alcohol) and sharing your ride  means half price! I actually hit the uberPOOL button by mistake, but I’m happy I did because the ride with my creepy co-passenger was another small “so San Francisco moment”.

This weekend I’m gonna keep not worrying about all the things I should be doing and enjoy more precious last moments. The next one today is our last family trip to the zoo, which just welcomed my daughter’s favorite animal, wolfs. Then we’ll take a walk on Ocean Beach one last time and get coffee at our favorite beach cafe one last time and breathe in its laid back surfer atmosphere. Tonight I’m gonna book us an epic trip to Washington DC where we will head to after our house has been packed down. A trip where we’ll celebrate our love to America, our home. We can’t wait to see the White House, Capitol Hill, the American History Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the National Mall! In July we’ll enjoy SoCal, our second home in the US, and hang out with friends on and off.

Starting now I’m gonna stop feeling guilty and start enjoying the little things!

2 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. Åh en tur i Zoo er altid skøn, også til alle mine rejser i udlandet, vil jeg gerne besøge de dyreparker der er :D

    – A

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