Is This Necessary? Really? But Why?

My last time, I hope, wearing a patient paper gown.

Right now I should be packing, writing a job application, translating my resume into English, working on a work assignment, or sleeping. I’m usually the most efficient, hard-working person I know (who usually never feels the need to pinpoint this), but this week I can’t recognize myself. I struggle getting things done. I’m definitely not living up to my own expectations. Writing this I realize that this week has been more than challenging, besides the packing part, I got sick, I had to watch the baby, and my lack of sleep for more than two hours straight for ten months caught up with me, again.

Yet here I am, blogging, instead of working or sleeping? Well blogging (or rambling?) calms my mind and gives me a good laugh at my own expense.

On my to-do list this week was a quick visit to my doctor. Or so I thought when I put it on my list. Americans know that a medical appointment is never speedy. For us as expats, there’s a complicated insurance part including a long drive to a doctor, who accepts our insurance. But there are more time consuming parts, which affect Americans too. Before I moved to the U.S., I thought American movies were exaggerating, when they portrayed people dressed in gowns at the doctor’s office. Because why would you need to undress and wear a gown? Especially when you need only a throat swab or a referral? Well you do! All appointments start with a nurse weighing you and taking your blood pressure and then asking you to undress and put on a gown, unless you strongly object. Sometimes the gown is made of soft material, other times rough paper texture. I hate the paper ones especially because they are extra flappy. I forgot to argue against wearing the gown because I was entertaining my baby and because I undressed out of habit from the time when I was pregnant.

The thing is that wearing a gown distracts me, this time to the point of making me forget the main reason I was there. Sigh. I’m usually super organized (I really am), but wearing a gown – especially a paper one – I’m busy covering up because I never figured out how to tie the strings. As always, I had put my questions down in my iPhone, but as always my iPhone was in my pile of clothes and because of that damn flappy paper gown, I didn’t want to walk across the room and stand/squat looking for it. Instead I stayed put and forgot why I was there in the first place and made small talk about our upcoming vacation. Sigh.

Thank goodness for MyChart, where you can email your doctor directly with questions. And thank goodness that this week will soon be over, so that I can get back to a more efficient (and happy) version of me. Now I’m gonna throw the stuff that we’ll need for the next three months on our bed (easy peasy), because our beds are the last things they’ll take, and I’m gonna meet my friends and walk on 24th Street one last time.

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