OMG How American We Have Become — Part V

Parade time in California Adventure, don’t stand in the front row, if you don’t want to become wet!

  • We adults love Disneyland as much as the kids! Our friends have been to Disney for app. 100 times and knew all the ins and out; we adults had the most fun weekend in our adult life full of park hopping, crazy rides, and fantastic food and wine! In my next life, I want to live in SoCal and have an annual pass to Disney.
  • We say sure instead of OK.
  • The kids and I still break down in tears laughing, because their dad five months ago called Vietnamese soup “po” instead of “pho” (with an f-sound).
  • Pho is the kids’ favorite take-a-way food, really!
  • I feel physically ill when I don’t tip, even where there’s no tip jar. The other day I insisted on tipping a barista in a supermarket without a tip jar. (Please remember to tip in the U.S., the minimum wage is ridiculously low!)
  • First call we made when baby was born was to our insurance company, because baby was admitted to the NICU and we were told that was $5.000 per day.
  • Danes keep talking about weeks instead of dates, and I have no idea what month they are even talking about, let alone date.
  • For the kids, Minecraft is history, now (the app) is everything! 
  • This year I forgot about “Good Friday”, which for us was a regular day.
  • On the other hand, I was psyched about egg hunt on Easter Sunday, which I had been looking forward to for weeks. Ups.
  • When school invited me to a speech called “most likely to succeed”, this time instead of scoffing, I was intrigued and bummed about missing out.
  • I start every phone call with “how are you”.  
  • I shop on Amazons’s app “Prime Now”, which delivers groceries within an hour. 
  • I feel fine about not lifting a finger, when employees bag my groceries at convenience stores, but I always make time for small talk.

Proving my point, here’s a pic from one of the restaurants, where we refuelled for lunch with amazing food and wine in California Adventure, even the kids loved it.

    2 thoughts on “OMG How American We Have Become — Part V

    1. It’s so weird! I don’t feel ‘Americanized’, and then I do when I read your post! I guess, just like you guys, it’s sneaking up on us!
      Wonder how much more Americanized you all will feel when you arrive in Denmark.
      Good luck with the moving :)

      • Thank you, and yes, I wonder about that too! I’m pretty sure we are much more americanized than we think, because when we have Danish guests, they notice habits that we had no idea were Americanized. We feel great about it, it’ll be interesting to see how Danes perceive us 😳

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