Modern Technology, I Love You

I just realized how many different ways we use technology to reconnect with our American friends!

Tonight, one kid FaceTimed her friend while playing and chatting on Minecraft with her friend and two other friends, another kid played PlayStation while chatting with several friends through his headset, and I was on a phone call with a friend using WI-FI.

The kids also connect with their friends through Google Hangouts, Gmail, Animal Jam, and I also use text on WI-FI, SkypeMessenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and FaceTime.


So I guess we ended up enjoying Labor Day too here in Denmark! Despite the nine-hour time difference and being a weekday, we all got to hang out with our American friends, who had just woken up on their day off, when the kids got home from school.

Tonight we definitely feel less homesick, I freaking love technology!

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