Three Months in, Who Would’ve Thunk

Yes, who would’ve thought?

  • That so far, despite an overall very succesful repatriation, we would still be consumed with a longing for “home”
  • That we would spend October battling serious and non-serious diseases——which in fairness should amount to a year’s quota
  • That I would once again spend hours googling pictures of rashes (in my attempt to diagnose baby’s different illnesses)
  • That I would passionately experiment with different pho recipes, our favorite dish, because chicken soup according to science cures body and soul (and because Vietnamese restaurants here suck at Pho Ga)
  • That hubby, for the first time in our almost 20 years together, would suddenly get excited about cooking——wait for it——blended veggie soups
  • That both kids would still speak only English with their new friends
  • That our baby would become bilingual in Denmark
  • That I would be able to function on very little sleep for 15 months
  • That the first time, I would feel a sense of belonging, would be on a Saturday night while partying with a group of old female and male colleagues
  • That I would be partying with this group for 20 years (gasp) and feel younger, not older, after our expat years
  • That school would throw an epic Halloween party ——also by American standards —— which I would sadly miss out on because of our sick baby
  • That my daughter’s Halloween costume wouldn’t make it from the UK in time for her party, but that she would—— without drama—— accept to wear last year’s costume (in exchange of adding blue hairspray)
  • That her costume would arrive at 4PM on Halloween, just as I would be unfolding my crisis management skills
  • That I would be able to close my eyes and feel San Francisco’s warm October weather and picture its beautiful Halloween decorations
  • That waking up with three healthy kids tomorrow would be the first time in a month
  • That three months would go by so quickly: I start work tomorrow

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