My Favorite Things

We are back in San Francisco on vacation, and it doesn’t feel weird or sad. It feels just right. It feels, as we never left, as if the past ten months — our trying repatriation full of unexpected uphill battles — didn’t happen.

These past three days, I’ve:

  • Swapped my nearly two-year-old iPhone for a new one for free, hurray for Apple Care and friendly employees at Genius Bars
  • Been drinking buckets of cold brew (the Rolls-Royce of iced coffee) and Kambuchka
  • Consumed several bags of nachos with guacamole and savored roasted seaweed, and perfectly ripe strawberries, blueberries, and avocados
  • Been hanging out at open-air shopping malls, finding shade in stores such as Free People, Anthropology, and Barnes & Noble — three times already
  • Been opening way too many packages from Amazon
  • Passed our old home, now painted in a pretty pale blue color, and wondered how I ever managed to drive up our insanely steep and narrow street, maneuvering us into security from buses going downhill
  • Crossed Golden Gate Bridge three times in both sunshine and fog — it never gets old
  • Downloaded the Uber app
  • Gotten stuck in traffic in the middle of the 2017 Pride Parade in downtown SF surrounded by happy people, dressed in rainbow colors
  • Found home in our friends’ home and let our pseudo family handle everything from folding and opening my stroller to driving up their crazy steep, narrow driveway
  • Gotten all of our favorite yoghurts, cheeses, and snacks at Trader Joe’s

Home! San Francisco, we ❤️ you.

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