Five More Days

Five more days with this amazing foggy morning view. Two more days before we start packing down. I’m consumed with sadness. I’m waiting for the sadness to be replaced with excitement about all the good things ahead. Because this sucks. Saying goodbye to our house and life and saying goodbye to the kids’ school and our friends sadden me more than I had anticipated. I have set a deadline for myself to start getting excited about our upcoming vacation and new life. Because if I’m sad, the rest of the family will be too. So I’ve got to pull myself together. And I will. The second moving guys invade our house, I’m replacing my sadness with thankfulness and joy, so that I can be the rock for the rest of the family who I know will have the same feelings, just delayed. Moving back is the best choice for our family, but it still hurts.

… As I was writing this, the doorbell rang. Outside were standing three guys, ready to start packing — two days ahead of time! After clearing the misunderstanding,  I send them away. I don’t feel sad anymore, just relieved: it’s 9AM, we still have two full days — and I’m gonna make them count!