OMG How American We Have Become — Part V

Parade time in California Adventure, don’t stand in the front row, if you don’t want to become wet!

  • We adults love Disneyland as much as the kids! Our friends have been to Disney for app. 100 times and knew all the ins and out; we adults had the most fun weekend in our adult life full of park hopping, crazy rides, and fantastic food and wine! In my next life, I want to live in SoCal and have an annual pass to Disney.
  • We say sure instead of OK.
  • The kids and I still break down in tears laughing, because their dad five months ago called Vietnamese soup “po” instead of “pho” (with an f-sound).
  • Pho is the kids’ favorite take-a-way food, really!
  • I feel physically ill when I don’t tip, even where there’s no tip jar. The other day I insisted on tipping a barista in a supermarket without a tip jar. (Please remember to tip in the U.S., the minimum wage is ridiculously low!)
  • First call we made when baby was born was to our insurance company, because baby was admitted to the NICU and we were told that was $5.000 per day.
  • Danes keep talking about weeks instead of dates, and I have no idea what month they are even talking about, let alone date.
  • For the kids, Minecraft is history, now (the app) is everything! 
  • This year I forgot about “Good Friday”, which for us was a regular day.
  • On the other hand, I was psyched about egg hunt on Easter Sunday, which I had been looking forward to for weeks. Ups.
  • When school invited me to a speech called “most likely to succeed”, this time instead of scoffing, I was intrigued and bummed about missing out.
  • I start every phone call with “how are you”.  
  • I shop on Amazons’s app “Prime Now”, which delivers groceries within an hour. 
  • I feel fine about not lifting a finger, when employees bag my groceries at convenience stores, but I always make time for small talk.

Proving my point, here’s a pic from one of the restaurants, where we refuelled for lunch with amazing food and wine in California Adventure, even the kids loved it.